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Top 5 of your memories of Fécamp
Plage Petites Dalles Aout 2021 1Plage Petites Dalles Aout 2021 1
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When we go on vacation, we always come back with a lot of memories in our heads!
What words or sensory memories (sound, smell, taste, touch, visual) come to mind when we think back to our destination?
After surveying many of our visitors, here are our TOP 5 memories!!

The Benedictine Palace

and its liquor*.

Ah the majestic Benedictine Palace!

How could we forget this building nestled among fishermen’s houses and alleys?
Surprising and magnificent at the same time, mixing neo-gothic and neo-renaissance styles, it is the only place where the liqueur is produced and a museum.

And what can we say about its liqueur that leaves you with a little note of citrus and spices in your mouth, softened by a hint of honey. Ideal as a digestif or in cocktails!

Did you know?

Today, the recipe is still kept secret. There are only 3 copies hidden in 3 different places on the planet.

Charles Trenet - La mer (Officiel) [Live Version]
Charles Trenet - La mer (Officiel) [Live Version]
Charles Trenet - La mer (Officiel) [Live Version]

The sea

If you come to Fécamp, we know it, it’s for the seaside!
But, it’s also your second memory with us that you bring home!
With its changing colors, the gentle sound of the waves, it has inspired painters!!

Whether in the water or on the water, Fécamp offers a wide range of water activities to fully enjoy this element.

So go zou! In the water!


The cliffs

So, do our great white chalk cliffs impress you?
This is one of the (great) particularities of our territory. They offer magnificent views!

In front of them, we feel so small!

Did you know?

  • The Alabaster Coast owes its name to the whiteness of its huge cliffs that form a great white wall, of chalk and riddled with flint.
  • The Cap Fagnet, located at 110 meters above sea level, is the highest point of the Alabaster Coast. And yes higher than Etretat !

The spray

Close your eyes and breathe… Can you feel that iodized air? The refreshing and invigorating sea wind?
The whole world of the sea surges, plunging you into the heart of the English Channel. Hoist the sails, you are already sailing far away.

A second reason to come back to us? Sea air is good for your health!

Did you know?

We always say that sea air smells like iodine from salt water.
But this is all wrong! Salt water is completely odorless. It is the living organisms that it contains, which themselves are sources of odorous compounds forming a clever olfactory mixture.


The pebbles

Hush, listen! Do you hear the rolling of the waves on the pebbles?
The sound of your footsteps, when you walk on our beaches to reach the sea?

This is the 5th memory you have when you come to our destination!

Did you know?

This is a memory to keep in mind and not in your pocket!
It is strictly forbidden to pick up pebbles!
They are essential to the protection of our coastline and taking them away can cost you a fine of €1,500

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, consume in moderation.

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