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Hiking on the GR21

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Let's go for a walk

Our corner of Seine-Maritime is green.
Here, the sea invites itself to the countryside and the countryside to the sea!”
On the coast, we are therefore never far from bucolic landscapes.
And at the end of an undergrowth, surprise!”
We see a small piece of sea…

Whether you are coming to Fécamp for the first time or returning, we share our advice for a successful stopover.

The GR®21

elected favorite of the French

Welcome to Fécamp!

If the GR®21, voted France’s favorite in 2020, promises beautiful panoramas and quite a bit of elevation change, venture into the hinterland to discover the Cauchois heritage: castles, manors, mills, dovecotes and clos-masures also make up the landscape.

Did you know?

GR®21 does not mean coastal path…
With the retreat of the coastline, the coastal path is becoming particularly dangerous on certain portions. This erosion phenomenon is unstoppable and permanent.
For your safety, the GR®21 sometimes deviates from the Coastal Trail to follow a detour.

Mon GR préféré - Saison 3 - GR® 21 : Littoral de la Normandie
Mon GR préféré - Saison 3 - GR® 21 : Littoral de la Normandie
Mon GR préféré - Saison 3 - GR® 21 : Littoral de la Normandie
Hiking on foot

Along the GR®21

From The Little Dalles to Etretat, along the Albâtre Coast, set out on this unique route.

The GR®21 offers hikers the charms of the Normandy coastline. Pebble beaches, port towns, green meadows and chalk cliffs are part of the scenery and will accompany your journey. So put on your sneakers and prepare your backpack, the GR® 21 is waiting for you!”

From Fécamp, you’ll reach Etretat in 6 hours via the pretty valleys of Grainval and Vaucottes, and Yport, a former fishing village.

The Petites and Grandes Dalles are also revealed at a 6-hour walk from Fécamp, passing through the charming village of Saint Pierre en Port. Arriving by the customs path in one of these two valleys, a turquoise sea will spread out in front of your eyes, contrasting with the green of the meadows and our chalk cliffs.

A variant…

A nice variant, which enters the land, the GR®21b allows from Yport to reach the place called “Les Hogues” by going along the forty acres wood. If the heart tells you (and if the legs follow!), you can continue to the wood of Les Hogues to join the camping Les Pommiers.

Our advice

of hiking
  • Don’t put your life in danger by walking under or too close to the cliffs, landslides are frequent, never leave the marked trail,
  • In case of impassable path (landslide, mudslide …) follow the deviations proposed by the GR ® 21,
  • Avoid using the coastal path after heavy rains or periods of frost,
  • Do not collect the pebbles, they are essential to the protection of our coastline,
  • Wear proper equipment (see in our FAQ).

If you notice a signage defect, feel free to report it using the SURICATE feature.

Are you ready to


From 8 to 15 km, with different levels of difficulty: among our hiking trails, there is one made for you!

Friday 19 April
min : 8°C / max : 11°C
Wind : 36km/hHumidity : 88%
Saturday 20 April
min : 6°C / max : 9°C
Wind : 26km/hHumidity : 61%
Sunday 21 April
min : 6°C / max : 9°C
Wind : 29km/hHumidity : 68%

of the little hiker

  • How to equip yourself for a hike?
    • Provide hiking shoes or failing that, good sneakers (watch out for the ankles on rocky paths!) with adequate socks (or else beware of blisters!);
    • Adapt the right outfit according to the weather and the season:
      Hat or cap, glasses and sunscreen when the sun is out; Jacket, hats, gloves in autumn/winter: the wind is blowing on the cliffs!
      Whatever the season, bring a cape or other rain gear.
    • Take water, and always bring a snack (fresh fruit, dried fruit, bread…)
    • Equip yourself according to the hike you plan to do: flashlight, camera, binoculars, walking sticks and of course… the indispensable backpack!!
  • Who should I contact to report a degraded trail?

    The Suricate website or app allows you to report problems you encounter while hiking.

    An error in marking, a defective sign, a pollution problem, a need for security, a conflict with a landowner or other hikers… Fill out the form, locate the problem, take a photo and send.

    Your report will be transmitted via the Suricate network and processed by the local correspondent.

  • Where to picnic?
    • On the beaches of the Smaller and Larger Dalles, Saint-Pierre-en-Port, Fecamp and Yport: find yourself a flat pebble and enjoy the view!
      But watch out for the gulls prowling around!
      (We remind you that our food is indigestible for these birds)
    • On the picnic tables provided for you:
      • In the valleys of Senneville-sur-Fécamp and Vaucottes;
      • Au Cap Fagnet, Fécamp;
      • A Yport, above the Casino,
      • Along the Véloroute du Lin, to Valmont and beyond;
      • A Valmont, near the fishpond.

    We thank you for keeping our beaches and picnic areas clean by taking your trash away, and appreciate you trying to reduce it.

  • What to do with your waste?

    The best waste is the waste we don’t produce.
    We encourage you to choose the products you use carefully.

    Pick up and take your trash with you. You will find public trash cans as you pass through our villages. If these are already full, we invite you to save your waste until the next one!”

    Some benchmarks:

    • A handkerchief: pollution > 3 months.
    • A cigarette butt: pollution > 1 to 5 years.
    • A fruit peel: pollution > 3 months to 2 years.
    • A plastic can or bottle: pollution > 100 to 500 years.
  • What are the useful numbers?
    • SMUR / EMERGENCY – 15
    • SEA RESCUE – 196
    • PHARMACY ON GUARD – 3237
    • HÔPITAL DES HAUTES FALAISES – 02 35 10 90 00
    • CENTRE ANTIPOISON – 08 00 59 59 59
    • WASTE COLLECTION – 02 35 10 48 48
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