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the Normandy coastline

From the cliffs or from the sea, discover our beautiful coastline for a guaranteed wow effect!

The Normandy coastline

what is it?

Normandy is formed with 600 kilometers of coastline, including 140 kilometers for La Côte d’Albâtre that stretch from Le Tréport to Le Havre in the department of Seine-Maritime.

On the side of the Côte d’Albâtre, you will find a totally different landscape from that of Calvados: pebble beaches (ouh la the little feet), a wild nature and vertiginous cliffsfacing the sea, plunging into the waters withchanging colors inspiring painters and poets.

Touring this multifaceted coastline will offer you rich natural discoveries and sumptuous landscapes to admire.

So stop for a moment, breathe in the smell of the tide, listen to the cry of the gulls and travel between land and sea…

Did you know that?

  • The Alabaster Coast owes its name to the whiteness of its immense cliffs that form a great white wall, chalk and riddled with flint.
  • The Cap Fagnet, located at 110 meters above sea level, is the highest point of the Alabaster Coast. And yes higher than Etretat !

Discover the coastline

from the cliffs
On foot, in complete autonomy

With friends or family, hiking enthusiasts as well as Sunday walkers will be able to discover our beautiful coastline.

  • The GR®21will take you along the coast with a few elevation changes, of course, but also breathtaking views!
    Hey, it’s not for nothing that it was voted favorite of the French in 2020!”
  • Also discover our beaches and valleys for a moment of idleness and to take THE cool picture to send to friends and family, in postcard mode.

Our advice

of hiking
  • Don’t put your life in danger by walking under or too close to the cliffs, landslides are frequent, never leave the marked trail,
  • In case of impassable path (landslide, mudslide …) follow the deviations proposed by the GR ® 21,
  • Avoid using the coastal path after heavy rains or periods of frost,
  • Do not collect the pebbles, they are essential to the protection of our coastline,
  • Wear proper equipment (see in our FAQ)

If you notice a defect in signage, do not hesitate to report it through the device SURICATE.

With our partners

Want to share a moment with an expert of the region?

The coastal area will have no more secrets for you with the naturalist tours of Natterra! Guided tours, commented walks or fun and educational activities (fishing on foot, birdwatching outing, twilight walk, cliff awakening …), choose according to your desires!

For an original discovery?

Become a Viking, a sailor or fight against the rising waters by solving riddles while exploring the exceptional Norman natural scenery on one of the outdoor escapes games!

With Panda Motion, opt for a complementary costumed tour to discover the richness, beauty and secrets of our land.

And to go faster?

Opt for a double sensation: combine the pleasure of the landscapes with the – exhilarating – one of speed!”

Our partners offer you to discover the coastline in electric scooters, respecting the coastal paths.

We give you


    Guided hikes and Rendez-Vous Plein-Air to help you discover the coastline through the eyes of an artist or photographer are organized from April through October!

    Discover the coastline

    from the sea

    Want to experience the thrill or in relaxation mode? In total autonomy or with an old sea dog?

    With this selection of sea rides, there is something for everyone!

    And yes, the coastline and its cliffs can also be admired from the sea!

    Did you know?

    The Fécamp offshore wind farm is the 1st wind farm in construction in Normandy. Soon, it will be possible to visit it!

    Continue the adventure

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