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This Tourist Office, a member of Offices de Tourisme de France, the National Federation, classified in category I, is committed to:

  • Providing you with an easily accessible reception area and information area.
  • Facilitate your steps.
  • Provide you with furniture to sit.
  • Provide you with free information on the local tourist offer.
  • Provide you with free access to wifi.
  • Display and disseminate its opening periods expressed in at least two foreign languages.
  • Be open at least 305 days a year Saturday and Sunday included in tourist period or animation.
  • Answer all year to your mail.
  • Provide a permanent reception service held by staff practicing two foreign languages at least.
  • Provide the provision of tourist maps, maps and tourist guides on paper.
  • Give you access to its trilingual website dedicated and adapted to consultation via embedded media.
  • Disseminate its tourist information also on paper support translated into at least two foreign languages relative :
  1. to all classified tourist accommodation including at least the name of the establishment, postal address, email, website address, telephone contact details, the level of classification;
  2. to monuments and cultural, natural or leisure tourist sites that may include the indication of rates of use, periods and hours of opening to the public, website and telephone and postal contact details;
  3. to events and activities;
  4. to emergency phone numbers.
  • Update annually its tourist information.
  • Display outside the emergency phone numbers.
  • Present all the qualified offer of its area of intervention for all customers.
  • Treat your complaints and measure your satisfaction.
  • Provide a tourist information service integrating new information technologies and communication (social networks, cell phones, geolocation …)
  • Respect a quality approach.
  • Provide you with a stay advisor.
  • Guarantee the reliability and timeliness of information on the local tourist offer.

Fecamp, October 04, 2021

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Certificate of Registration:

(Article R. 211-21 of the Tourism Code)
The registration commission mentioned in Article L. 141-2 of the Tourism Code certifies that the following operator:


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Loi “Informatique et Libertés”

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Article 34

Any person who can prove his or her identity has the right to question the departments or organizations responsible for implementing the automated processing operations, the list of which is accessible to the public pursuant to article 22 below, in order to find out whether these processing operations involve personal information concerning him or her and, if so, to obtain communication of such information.

Article 22

The commission shall make available to the public the list of processing operations, which shall specify for each of them:

  • The law or regulatory act deciding on its creation or the date of its declaration;
  • its name and purpose;
  • The department from which the right provided for in Chapter V of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 is exercised;
  • The categories of personal information recorded (name, address, postal code, city and email address) as well as the recipients or categories of recipients entitled to receive communication of this information.

The decisions, opinions or recommendations of the commission, knowledge of which is useful for the application or interpretation of this Act, shall be made available to the public under the conditions set by decree.


Partner data processing

In 2009, the Regional Tourism Committee of the Normandy region and the organizations in charge of promoting tourism at the departmental level (Departmental Attractiveness Agencies, Tourism Development Agencies or Tourism departments of the departmental councils) joined forces in a consortium to give birth to and manage in co-ownership the “Norman regional, departmental and local tourism database”. The database is a tourism database. It lists accommodation, activities and leisure activities, sites to visit, restaurants, festivals and events, shops and services, associations and other organizations and contacts related to tourism activities.

Our partners present on our member site to the Contract for the supply of tourist data.


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