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This free application allows you to benefit from discounts on many tourist and leisure services when you stay at least one night in the Fécamp Caux Littoral Agglomeration.

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Host Card

What is it?

Implemented since 2001, the Carte d’Hôte is a special offer to vacationers who stay at least one night in commercial accommodations in the communes of Fécamp Caux Littoral Agglomération, offering them a multitude of discounts on tourist services.

“Carte d’Hôte – Fécamp” is a mobile application that can be downloaded from APPLE STORE and PLAY STORE. In order to access the app and the discounts offered by our providers, tourists must enter an access code present on the posters made available by our accommodation providers in their accommodation.

How to get

the Carte d'Hôte application - Fécamp

This free app allows you to receive discounts on many tourist and leisure services, when you stay at least one night on the territory of the Fécamp Caux Littoral Agglomeration.

How does it work?

  1. Download the app on Apple Store or Play Store.
  2. Enter the code found at your hosting company to activate the app.
  3. Access the discounts offered by our providers.
  4. When you arrive at the provider you have chosen, grate the code of discount and show it from your phone.

To finish, enjoy your activity!

  • Who can access the application?

    Travelers who have slept at least one night in one of the tourist accommodations located on the territory of the Fécamp Caux Littoral Agglomeration and have received the access code to the application given by their accommodation provider.

  • Where to download the application?

    The app is downloadable from your smartphone’s store: at Apple Store or Play Store.

  • Where can I find the host code to access the application?

    The code to access the discounts in the application can be found at your tourist accommodation.They must send it to you upon arrival or before by email.


    Your host does not have a code? there are two cases:

    • He receives each year in December his code, he can ask the Office to return his information if he has lost them.
    • He is not declared to the Fécamp Tourist Office for his holiday tax. It cannot therefore give you access to the Carte d’Hôte application.


    In these two cases, your accommodation provider will have to contact the Fécamp Tourist Office to regularize its situation and allow you to access the application.

  • I can't register with the host code, what should I do?
    • Check that you have chosen “register”and not “log in”,
    • Check that the code is that of the current year (written on the host poster to the left of the code),
    • The code must be entered in capital letters,
    • Beware of Zeros which can be O’s or vice versa. The code is composed of numbers and letters.
    • Check that you have entered all information and a valid email address.


    If none of these cases meet your needs, contact or stop by the Fécamp Tourism Office.

  • How to activate a discount?
    1. In the app, once you have selected your offer, at the very bottom after the general information (description, rates, hours, address, discount offered…), you will find the “Scratch here” button.
    2. Clicking on “Scratch here” a confirmation request will be required;
    3. Once confirmed, you can scratch to discover the discount code.



    • Your code will no longer be visible once you have scratched it if you leave the provider’s form or the application.
    • Scratch only if you are with the provider so that they validate the code, or when you enter a “promo code” on a website of one of the partners offering a discount.


Your participation:

As an accommodation provider, offering a discount on activities to your future guests allows you to offer them an additional benefit of choosing your accommodation. Simply give your host code to your customers so they can access the Carte d’Hôte Fécamp application and its discounts.


Are you a host and want to receive your code?

Every year, you receive a poster in December from the Tourist Office, to be made available to your customers from January 1 in your accommodation, so that they can access the discounts offered in the territory.

Beware, you have a poster with a code per accommodation.


If you don’t have a code, there are two cases:

  • You didn’t receive the mail by post (it got lost)
  • You are not declared to the Fécamp Tourist Office for your tourist tax.

In both of these cases, you must contact the Fécamp Tourist Office to regularize your situation and allow you to have your poster with your accommodation provider code.


Some tips for distributing your accommodation code:

  • By email when validating the reservation;
  • Actually when handing over the keys;
  • Displayed at the reception desk, in the elevator or information area of your accommodation;
  • Displayed in your accommodation in strategic places.

Who can offer discounts via the Carte d’Hôte application?

Any service provider (leisure activities, shops, restaurants) partner of the Fécamp Tourist Office.

As a partner, you are free to take part in the Carte d’Hôte operation. Likewise, the discount offer you wish to implement is not imposed, it is you who chooses!”


How do I receive the codes?

The Fécamp Tourist Office will email you in January your discount codes for the year. You will have one code per month.


How do I validate my customer’s discount code?

To do this, your client must have previously downloaded the “Guest Card – Fécamp” application and entered their information as well as the hosting code presented on the posters made available by our tourist hosts in their accommodation.

A tourist can in no way access the application and the discounts with your code. Access is through the host code that allows you to certify that he or she has indeed spent a night in one of the tourist accommodations of the Fecamp Caux Littoral Agglomeration.

Once connected to the app, the tourist presents your record via his or her smartphone in the app.You just have to visually check the code discovered by scratching, to grant the benefit.

You want to be part of the adventure?

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