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The Benedictine Palace

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The story begins in 1510 within the Abbey of Fécamp itself, when a Benedictine monk named Dom Bernardo Vincelli created a secret elixir with great success.

Lost after the French Revolution, the recipe was rediscovered in 1863 by
Alexandre Le Grand, a Fecamp wine merchant.

In the hands of Alexandre Le Grand, the elixir becomes a liqueur and the sumptuous Palais Bénédictine is built, to provide a prestigious setting for an extraordinary distillery.

A distillery

A true architectural masterpiece, the Palais Bénédictine is the world’s only distillery for Benedictine liquor. The building, blending Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance styles, is both the liqueur’s production facility and a museum.

Penetrate the Plants & Spices Room to discover and smell some of the 27 ingredients that make up Benedictine.

According to the original recipe, the 27 plants & spices are divided into 4 different preparations in order to obtain 4 spirits.

You’ll be able to admire the magnificent hammered copper stills, in which the magic happens…

These spirits, or alcoholates, will then be blended together before aging within the Palace’s cellars, in oak tuns.

Did you know that?

Today, the recipe is still kept secret. There are only 3 copies, hidden in 3 different places on the planet…

A museum

While we owe the original recipe for Benedictine to the monk Dom Bernardo Vincelli, the Benedictine Palace is not a religious building.

In order to pay homage to his liqueur, Alexander The Great decided to build a Palace around his distillery. After the fire of a part of the buildings in 1892, he elaborates with the architect Camille Albert an ambitious architectural program intended to link his factory to the prestigious past of the Abbey of Fécamp, mixing “Neo Gothic and Neo Renaissance” styles. He wants to show himself as the heir of the monks’ know-how and his museum will only be more beautiful!”

Alexander The Great was a great collector. The Benedictine Palace Museum thus houses a rich collection of ancient and sacred art.

Paintings, sculptures, religious objects, ironwork and exceptional collections are revealed to visitors through rooms with evocative names, such as the Dome Room, the Oratory, the Abbeys’ Room or the Manuscript Cabinet.

A precursor

Marketing genius, Alexandre Le Grand was a forerunner when it came to promotion.

The businessman was one of the first to embark on an international campaign and did not hesitate to surround himself with the greatest artists – such as Alfons Mucha – to create unique advertising posters.

It is halfway through your visit, in the Alexander The Great room, that you will become aware of the international influence of the Benedictine liqueur.

The experiments

Privilege of the Benedictine Palace visit, you will taste the liqueur. A true initiation will be offered, during which your guide will introduce you to the olfactory and visual subtleties of the Benedictine Expressions.

To go further, initiate yourself to the art of mixology and discover the steps of the elaboration of the Benedictine Liquor by creating your cocktail in a private space.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

[ Expérience ] Initiation cocktail au Palais Bénédictine
[ Expérience ] Initiation cocktail au Palais Bénédictine
[ Expérience ] Initiation cocktail au Palais Bénédictine

La Verrière

Cocktail bar and tea room

Open to all, both chic and trendy, La Verrière is a golden and vegetal shrine where it is good to stop: under a glass roof, sheltered by a monumental vegetal wall, it is the ideal place to taste the Benedictine specialties.

A fresh and bright space where you will be served cocktails, refreshments, gourmet boards and crepes, both in the evening and at snack time or for lunch.

Finally, La Verrière offers regular entertainment: theme evenings, DJ SET… check our agenda to not miss anything!

The store

Located at the end of your tour route, the store is also accessible from the courtyard of the Benedictine Palace.

You will of course find the various Expressions:

  • Benedictine, with a red stamp, which can be enjoyed neat or “on the rocks”, but also in cocktails
  • B&B, with a golden stamp, the perfect alchemy between Benedictine and a French Brandy
  • Benedictine single Cask, a special vintage with a woody taste

The store also offers quality utensils – shakers, glasses, trays, ice cube molds – chocolates, tea …. and the opportunity to leave with a personalized bottle.

Give yourself a treat!


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