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TOP 5 of the most beautiful hikes
Agglo Fçcamp ∏ Sma76 2018 A Beauvois(53)Agglo Fécamp randonnée Sissi
©Agglo Fécamp randonnée Sissi|Sma76 2018 A Beauvois
While the coastal path promises beautiful panoramas of the sea, venture into the hinterland to discover the Cauchois heritage: castles, manors, mills, dovecots and clos-masures draw the landscape.
With our TOP 5 hikes, be sure to appreciate all the richness and diversity of our territory!




The starting point in Sassetot-le-Mauconduit allows you to admire the Sissi’s Castle in its green and rose setting and to do some shopping at the Panier d’Albâtre to prepare your picnic.

You’ll benefit from 2 of the most beautiful viewpoints from the customs path: at the Petites Dalles and at Grandes Dalles.

Art and ideas!

Every summer, at the bend of an alley or a path, one can see a street art installation: photographic, poetic, Knit Art projects, etc. have followed one another. Also, don’t be surprised to see large flowers, such as windmills, along the paths, or a piano in the middle of a meadow!

Start: City stadium of Sassetot-le-Mauconduit.
Distance: 11.4 km
Duration: 3h 15min
Difficulty: Medium


The Wagands

Starting from Eletot, it’s an opportunity to discover a dovecote, an indispensable element of the clos-masure, and of the Cauchois landscape!

Midway along the route, take a refreshing break on the beach of Saint-Pierre-en-Port.

But what does this term “Wagands” mean?

With the help of fires lit at the top of the cliffs, the inhabitants of the hamlet would deceive and lure boats caught in storms, which would go aground. They would thus come to recover their booty in the wrecks; this is how they would have acquired the reputation of being “wagands”, i.e. brigands.

Start: Church of Eletot.
Distance: 12.7 km
Duration: 3h 45min
Difficulty: Difficult


The Torp

A little refreshment and serenity?
Take a walk through the Valmont Valley, the undergrowth of the Goulet and be charmed by the Hougerville Castle.

Did you know?

The Torp is a word of Norse origin that designates a small dwelling or cottage.

Start: Colleville town hall
Distance: 8.1 km
Duration: 2h
Difficulty: Medium


The Beech

Beginning in the countryside, we arrive at the Little Dalles halfway along the route: perfect for a swim or snack break (or both!). On the way back, we pass by the fund of Saint-Pierre-en-Port, quiet, green and wilder. Castle, manor and beautiful villas punctuate this route, between countryside and coastline.


Reading tables invite you to an impressionist itinerary: here, Claude Monet and Berthe Morisot were inspired by the changing colors of the coastline.

Start: Church of Ecretteville-sur-Mer
Distance: 15.0 km
Duration: 4h 15min
Difficulty: Difficult


The Lantern Tower

Some curiosities along the route, such as this lantern tower, or the calvary of Alventot, call us to the ancient beliefs.

The first recalls the presence of a leper colony and was intended to guide the deceased to eternal rest. The calvary, meanwhile, is prayed for drunkenness and to make children walk. It is not uncommon to still find shoes or other accessories of small children.

Start: Angerville-la-Martel Town Hall
Distance: 14.7 km
Duration: 4h 30min
Difficulty: Difficult


Practical Information
  • Don’t put your life in danger by walking under or too close to the edge of the cliffs, landslides are frequent, never leave the marked path,
  • Don’t pick up the pebbles, they are essential to the protection of our coastline,
  • For foot fishing, consult the tide schedules.
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