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TOP 5 local products
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France is rich in gastronomy and each region has its specialty!
In Normandy, you can find products of the sea and the earth.
Here is our TOP 5 to treat yourself and discover our region with your belly!

The cider

Let’s start with the Normandy staple, cider!”

Obtained from the fermentation of apple juice, it will gently accompany your meal.


And for those who want a non-alcoholic beverage, you’ll find a Norman alternative, apple juice!”


Smoked fish

If you come to Fécamp it’s for the seaside, but also for its smoked fish!

Fécamp has always been a town turned towards fishing. Capital of the Terre-Neuvas, we maintain the traditional know-how of salting and smoking of seafood.

Since the 14th century, the saurisseries (salting companies), smoked and worked the herring according to a technique inherited from the Vikings. These buildings located near the harbor basins, called “Boucanes”, gutted the fish and cut the nets. The herrings were salted and then taken up into large chimneys to be smoked over a beechwood fire. The last boucanes closed its doors in 1996.

Today the region’s sausage factories have evolved to meet standards and continue to share this artisanal know-how.

Salmon, trout, cod, mackerel or smoked haddock, herring sausage, kipper or safate choose your fish!


The scallop

The scallop is part of the refined dishes of Normandy, also called the white gold.

The scallop fishery is open from October 1 to May 15.
Normandy is the first French region of scallop fishing, and Fécamp is the port that catches the most scallops!”

To be eaten raw (tartar, carpaccio) or cooked (pan-fried, roasted or poached). A treat for the taste buds!
And you, which way do you prefer it?

You can find this delicious product at the Fish Market and at the Fishmonger’s la New Wave in Fécamp.

Did you know?

To defend the quality of their shellfish, the Normans have obtained two red labels for this precious shellfish:

  1. Red Label Fresh and Whole Scallop: 2002
  2. Red Label Fresh Pecten maximus Scallop Nut: 2009
Coquilles Saint-Jacques, coraux et endives braisées par Emmanuelle Jary et Loïc Ballet
Coquilles Saint-Jacques, coraux et endives braisées par Emmanuelle Jary et Loïc Ballet
Coquilles Saint-Jacques, coraux et endives braisées par Emmanuelle Jary et Loïc Ballet

Benedictine* liqueur

Benedictine is a digestive liqueur, made at the Benedictine Palace in Fécamp.

This digestive is composed of 27 plants and spices, from the plateaux of Caux (lemon balm, thyme, hyssop, honey, orange peel…) as well as from far away lands (cinnamon, saffron, cardamom, tea, nutmeg…).

It was in 1863, that Alexandre Le Grand, Fécampois, wine and spirits merchant, would have discovered by chance in the family library the composition of this elixir lost during the Revolution.

How to consume Benedictine?

As a digestive or in cocktails! The liqueur is also found in gastronomy: cakes, pancakes, chocolate, jam, foie gras, tea … in short, it goes everywhere!

Did you know?

Today, the recipe is still kept secret. There are only 3 copies hidden in 3 different places on the planet.


The snails

In Normandy, we have large meadows, tall grasses AND snails….
Let’s end this gustatory journey with an original dish!

Forget your prejudices and eat snails that melt in your mouth.

Eat them in shells and crunches with garlic or seaweed butter, with Roquefort and walnuts, as an appetizer in cake or spread, or as a dish in jars!

There is something for everyone!!


*Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, consume in moderation.

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