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The Fisheries, Museum of Fécamp

📍 Fécamp

Capital of the Alabaster Coast, Fécamp lives around a dynamic port, which has developed over the centuries to become the first French cod port.

Fitted in a former cod drying plant from the 1950s, the Fisheries Museum will immerse you in the daily life of Fécamp fishermen sailing for long months to the waters of Newfoundland, to fish for cod.

A breathtaking view from the belvedere

The visit to the Fisheries Museum begins with the belvedere and its 360° panorama of the town, the port and the cliffs.

You will be able to discover models presenting the evolution of Fécamp, from the arrival of the Vikings to the present.

Fécamp, fishing port

Fécamp, the capital of the Terre-Neuvas… First appearing in the 16th century, cod fishing on the banks of Newfoundland became industrialized in the 19th century. The port is the center of an intense industrial activity thanks to the herring and cod fisheries and the shipbuilding.

In the 20th century, Fécamp is the leading cod port in France and its merchants export cod all over the world.

Descend one floor and discover the whole history of fishing in Fécamp.
The main fish caught, which are theherring & cod; the life of the sailors on board the ships during long months at sea; the daily life of the women and children waiting for the return of a husband, a father; and the economic life that is built around this great epic.

Fine Arts and Cauchoise Life

As you continue your visit, you can admire the rich collections of Fine Arts and the regional collections of Norman wardrobes, costumes and jewelry. A beautiful immersion in the traditions of the Pays de Caux.

Museum of Childhood

Discover the amazing and moving collection assembled by Dr. Dufour.

But who is Dr. Dufour?

Creator of the first sterilized bottles “La Goutte de Lait,” he improves the quality of life of infants and lowers the mortality rate.


The Museum


The Museum offers a bookstore, a souvenir store, a documentation area, temporary exhibition rooms and an amazing “cabinet of curiosity“.

Finally, be aware that the checkroom of the former spinners as well as the shipowner’s office are open for guided tours, upon reservation.

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