For a little snack break

TOP 3 delicacies
For food lovers, Fécamp and its destination are full of sweet treats.
Here’s our TOP 5 for a snack break!

Hautot chocolates

Olivier Hautot, Master Chocolatier, created in 1998 the Chocolaterie Hautot: a Normandy chocolate factory, creator of delicacies, which respects the traditions of the food trade.
And what delicacies! Let yourself be surprised by its unique creations….

And here are our top 3 of its Normandy specialties:

  • Beach Cabins – Tasteful comfort blending fluffy and crunchy with the flavors of the famous Norman Sablé, salted butter caramel and puffed rice
  • Les Boujours Normands – With its designer box, you’ll learn the local dialect and succumb to the delicious melting caramels coated in a thin chocolate shell: passionfruit, hazelnut, pear and salted butter.
  • Spreads – A classic, but one that will be a wonderful accompaniment to all your gourmet pleasures: desserts, ice cream, pancakes, waffles…

Benedictine cake* (French)

To treat yourself with viennoiseries or pastries 100% made in France & Normandy, we recommend the Boulangerie Martin and its specialties made with local products (Boulangerie engagée “Boulanger de France” 🇫🇷).

And in particular, the Benedictine cake! This cake melts in your mouth and sends you with subtlety the aromas of the Benedictine liqueur composed of its 27 plants and spices.


The apple pie of Yport

When we tell you Norman products you see camembert, crème fraiche, cider, calva and especially the apple!
This small ingredient makes all the difference, declinable in a multitude of sweet or savory recipes.

And we don’t offer you the classic Norman apple pie, but the Yport apple pie,mixing flavors, between the cooked apple, the roasted almond and the flavor of calvados…

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, consume in moderation.

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