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in the Fécamp Caux Littoral agglomeration
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  • The collection of the tourist tax

    The Tourist Tax is payable from January 1 to December 31 in all marketable accommodations in the Fécamp Caux Littoral Agglomeration (33 municipalities). You are obliged to display the rates, you must show the applicable rate on the invoice given to the customer separately from your own services.

    The proceeds of this tax are entirely devoted to the territory’s tourism development.

  • The declaration

    On the website:, you must declare every month, the number of overnight stays made in your accommodation.

    • Live rental:
      Please make this declaration quickly by logging in with your credentials, you have until the 15th of the following month (example: you have until February 15 for the declaration concerning the nights of January).

    If you cannot declare by internet: send by mail the paper form (attached with the mail informing you of your identifiers) as well as the full copy of your landlord’s register before the 15th of the following month.

    • Rental via a digital operator (AirBnb, Booking, Abritel…):
      Check with your digital operator that it does indeed collect the tourist tax.If yes, put your declaration at 0 nights in your space on the site of declaration of tourist tax.
      If not, make your declaration by indicating your number of nights in your space on the site declaration tourist tax


    Concerning the failure to declare: in addition to exposing you to a fine provided for contraventions of the 4th class (135€ which can be increased to 375€), the Finance Act No. 2014-1654 of December 29, 2014 for 2015 – Article 67 provides:

    In the event of failure to declare, absence or delay in payment of the tax collected, the mayor shall send to the accommodation providers, hoteliers, owners and intermediaries mentioned in Article L. 2333-33 as well as to the professionals mentioned in II of article L. 2333-34 a formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. Failing regularization within thirty days following the notification of this formal notice, a notice of taxation ex officio motivated is communicated to the defaulting declarant at least thirty days before the assessment of the tax.


  • Who pays the tourist tax

    The tourist tax applies in the case of a stay for a fee. Thus, people who are accommodated free of charge do not pay the tourist tax.
    Beware, if people stay in your establishment without paying the price by taking advantage of a gift box, a special operation, they must nevertheless pay the tourist tax.

  • What are the exemptions

    Minors, holders of a seasonal work contract employed on the territory of the community, persons benefiting from emergency accommodation or temporary rehousing, persons occupying premises where the rent is less than 5 € per night.

  • The repayment

    You will receive a billing title at the end of each period by postal mail from the Treasury. Payments must be made by the deadline indicated on the billing voucher sent by the Treasury.

    You may pay:

    Directly online, by logging in at :,

    By check made out to the Trésor Public and sent to the address indicated on the billing voucher,

    In cash,only at the location at the address indicated on the billing voucher.

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