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1° : Definition

a guest room

The guest room is a furnished room located in the home of the inhabitant (or in an annex building on his residence) with a view to hosting tourists for a fee.

The number of rooms offered for rent in the same dwelling is limited to 5 rooms and 15 people.

The room is rented on a nightly basis for tourist use. This overnight includes at least breakfast, linens and a welcome by the resident.It is furnished and has access to a shower room and toilet.

The guest table is open only to residents


a guest room
1) the declaration at the town hall

If you wish to make your guest room available for a passing clientele, you must first and foremost make your declaration at the town hall – Cerfa form N° 13566*03 .

This declaration is mandatory, a receipt of the declaration of the rental of guest rooms is given to the declarant by the town hall.

2) Price display and advertising

The renter of guest rooms is subject to the same obligations of transparency as hoteliers towards the consumer in terms of displaying prices and giving a note.

The renter must proceed to the triple display of the prices he offers:

  • outside his house or apartment,
  • inside, at the place of reception of the customers,
  • the display in each room becomes optional.

The prices must be displayed in euros and inclusive of tax

The Chambre d'hôtes brand


Logo Chambre Dhôtes Référence

Chambre d’hôtes Référence®: The objective is to bring the possibility to non-labeled guest rooms to guarantee to their customers the quality of their service while contributing to the improvement of the qualification of the tourist accommodation offer of the destination. Chambre d’hôtes référence® is not intended to replace labels, but to be a solution for operators concerned about qualifying their offer without being labeled for a period of 5 years.

  • Procedure:

    The owner completes the entire application for a visit and sends it with his receipt of declaration in the town hall and the payment to the Office of Tourism of Caux Vallée de Seine (100 € for 1 room and common areas and 10 € per additional room [in 2016]).

    The person authorized to conduct the visits makes an appointment with The owner for the visit.

    The visit made, the complete file will be forwarded to the regional award committee for the final decision.

    The opinion is favorable, you will receive by mail a certificate to keep and a certificate of qualification (to be made available to your hosts in each room)

  • Benefits:

    A logo is a graphic charter at your disposal, a certificate of qualification is given to you.


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